Biden Lied About Taliban Not Taking Over Afghanistan

President Biden’s promise that the Taliban will not take over Afghanistan will go down as a huge lie.

During a July press briefing, Biden assured American’s that the government of Afghanistan has the military resources to prevent the Taliban from taking over the country.

The Taliban took control of the country and its capital Kabul in a short period of time and these developments show Biden mislead Americans.

Here is a clip of Biden’s promise:

As the Taliban takes over the country, videos show desperate people trying to jump on a U.S. aircraft as it takes off.

Tragically, a few of the desperate Afghans died in their effort to get on the moving U.S. aircraft.

One video captured stowaways falling from a U.S. aircraft while it was ascending.

Another video showed more chaos at the Kabul airport.

The situation is so bad, even CNN is wondering where Biden is and when is he going to address the situation.

Flashback – Biden’s statement on withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.

Former President Trump responded to the fall of Afghanistan where he described it as “incompetence.”

Not only was Biden’s statement about Afghanistan and the Taliban wrong, but the international consequences of his failure to execute an effective withdrawal will harm America’s reputation on the international stage.

U.S. adversaries will make the most of this catastrophe and leverage Biden’s failure to benefit their interests.