Biden on Andrew Cuomo Resignation: “He’s done a hell of a job”

President Biden was questioned about Andrew Cuomo’s announcement to step down as New York Governor, saying, “He’s done a hell of a job” as governor.

Biden followed up with his praise for Cuomo, saying, “That’s why it’s so sad.”

Following Biden’s response, he was asked a follow-up question concerning the sexual harassment accusations and whether he still thought the same about Cuomo.

White House press secretary Jenn Psaki defended Biden.

Biden’s critics commented on social media.

Cuomo resigned as Governor of New York, not because of the nursing home scandal, but because of the outcome of the New York Attorney General’s investigation over sexual harassment allegations.

The announcement to step down was made a week following the Attorney General’s report and Cuomo made no mention of the deaths linked to his March 25 order mandating nursing homes to accept COVID-19 positive patients. Cuomo will step down 14 days after his announcement.

As a reminder, Biden’s Department of Justice decided to drop the civil rights investigation of New York’s state-run nursing homes and Cuomo’s mandate.

Biden made no mention of Cuomo’s nursing home scandal in his remarks but made it clear he approved of Cuomo’s job performance as governor despite the sexual harassment scandal.