Biden Slammed for Looking at His Watch During Airport Ceremony for 13 Killed Service Members

President Biden got slammed for looking at his watch during the ceremony at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware for the 13 U.S. military members who were killed in a suicide bomber attack at the Kabul airport.

Over the weekend at Dover Air Force Base, Biden watched the “dignified transfer” of the remains of the killed service members and also met the families of those killed in action.

Daily Mail reports:

Multiple news outlets reported on Biden’s movement at the ceremony.

Here is one example:

Critics pounded Biden on social media.

Biden was also criticized for refusing to answer a question about Afghanistan during a FEMA briefing about Hurricane Ida.

Video of Biden at the FEMA briefing:

Around 6:18 in the video, Biden says he was not directed to take questions but he decided to take a question.

Biden took a question but it was on Afghanistan so he declined to answer and just walked away.

The president ignoring the question was also captured on Twitter.

This is not the first time Biden refused to address a question about Afghanistan.

Overall, it was a bad weekend for Biden.

First, he looked at his watch during a somber ceremony at Dover Air Force Base and then he followed that by ducking a question about Afghanistan.

All of these points add to the conclusion that Biden is not up to being president.