Shock: Biden Friendly Media Exposes Biden Press Briefing Lies

In a shocking departure from normal conduct, the Biden-friendly media fact-checked the president’s press briefing lies about the conditions in Afghanistan.

At the White House briefing, Biden attempted to put a positive spin on the developments in Afghanistan and address criticism about his withdrawal strategy.

After his address, Biden took questions from the media from a pre-approved list.

ABC News wrote a fact check following Biden’s remarks and his answers to questions from the media.

But throughout his remarks, the president made several claims at odds with reports from the ground in Afghanistan and even officials within his administration and seemed unaware of criticism from American allies.

ABC News listed critical comments from world leaders in contrast to Biden’s claim. In fact, Biden suggested he actually heard positive comments from allies.

When asked about the reaction from world leaders, Biden responded, “I have seen no question of our credibility from our allies around the world.”

However, that statement was not true.

Biden also stated Americans in Kabul were not having trouble getting to the airport in Kabul but that comment was exposed as a lie by ABC News in their fact check and on television.

ABC News’ David Muir asked the key question and it was answered by the network’s Ian Pannell who is on the ground in Kabul. Pannell rejected Biden’s claim.

A CNN reporter in Kabul, Clarissa Ward, also challenged Biden’s statement.

Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin had trouble keeping up with Biden’s false statements.

A CNN correspondent summarized the situation in Afghanistan, saying, “If this isn’t failure then what does failure look like?”

Finally, the Biden-friendly media are challenging the false statements made by the president.

It’s terrible Biden is misleading the nation during a time of crisis but unfortunately, making false statements has been a pattern throughout his career.

In reality, the media’s sudden criticism of Biden is too little too late. The media helped Biden get elected and now we are all paying the price for their pro-Biden advocacy.