Ape Mask Wearing White Woman Attacks Larry Elder With Egg

A white woman wearing an ape mask tossed an egg at black Republican California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder in Los Angeles.

Elder was walking with his campaign staff in Venice when the woman threw an egg at him.

Another egg was thrown at Elder and his group.

Video of the incident was captured and distributed on Twitter.

The video shows one egg being thrown by the white woman wearing a gorilla mask and she also punched one of Elder’s security staff as he approached her.

Fox 11 reported on the incident including comments from Elder.

Democrat critics were quick to point out the similarities between the attack against blacks during the civil rights movement and yesterday’s attack on Elder.

The common denominator is Democrats.

Others pointed out the different reactions to this incident to others.

The attack against Elder is disgusting, reckless, and dangerous.

Since Elder is a conservative Republican, he can be attacked with none of the outrage that occurs when blacks claim they are targeted because of their race. The FBI was called in to investigate these so-called racial issues.

The attack against Elder and his campaign expose the massive hypocrisy of Democrats and their allies in the media.

If a black Democrat politician was targeted by a white conservative it would be headline news.