Biden FAA Impose Drone Ban as Videos Expose TX Migrant Catastrophe

President Biden’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a temporary ban on drone usage at the southern border as videos exposed an emerging migrant catastrophe.

Shocking video of thousands of illegal aliens in noticeable squalid conditions under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, provides video proof of the humanitarian crisis.

Fox News National Correspondent Bill Melugin broke the story by exposing the thousands of illegal migrants under the bridge with video from a drone.

Melugin also shared a ground-level video of thousands of illegal aliens under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

Following the release of the damning videos, the FAA announced a two-week ban citing a “special security reason.”

Melugin stated the network was using drones for months with no problems until now.

The drone ban was discussed on Fox News.

Critics commented on social media. reports it’s predominately thousands of Haitian migrants arriving under the bridge at a steady stream.

More than 10,000 mostly Haitian migrants have gathered there in recent days, in a temporary camp which is said to have ballooned since Joe Biden halted deportation flights back to Haiti.

Biden and the FAA imposing a ban on drones to restrict access along the bridge sure looks like an attempt to hide and cover up the truth from the public.