Biden Wages War Against Unvaccinated to Distract From Afghanistan Failure

President Biden launched a war on unvaccinated Americans by issuing a series of policies to fight the spread of the SarsCoV2 including a vaccine mandate for federal employees and private employers with over 100 employees.

The Department of Labor will issue a regulation on vaccinations with the only escape hatch for those that refuse to be vaccinated to frequently get tested.

Biden justified his action by saying his effort will protect vaccinated Americans.

Biden said it’s “not about freedom or personal choice.”

Following his comments, Biden refused to take questions from the media.

Walking away from the media after a press briefing is an established pattern of Biden.

Previously, Biden said mandates were not going to be part of the fight against the virus.

With his approval ratings cratering, Biden’s vaccine mandate is a strategy to distract Americans from his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.

In fact, according to some polling, a majority of voters support vaccine mandates.

A Boston Globe/Suffolk University survey of 500 likely voters revealed 72 percent of respondents think employers should require vaccinations for employees, and 87 percent of those polled support the Baker Administration’s mask requirement for schools. (The margin of error was 4.4 percent.)

Moreover, conservative reaction to Biden’s mandate adds to the president’s desired goal of filling the media and social media with news other than about Afghanistan.

On Newsmax TV, Tom Borelli PhD. commented of Biden’s vaccine mandate.

Because of Biden’s strong arm tactics, the vaccine mandate will backfire because it will convert vaccine hesitancy to vaccine resistance.

Biden is desperate and will do anything to change the subject from his failed withdrawal from Afghanistan.