Liberal Media Raises Concerns as Crises Grow Under Biden

Liberal media outlets normally siding with President Biden raised concerns over the weekend about the numerous crises under the president’s watch.

In a short period of time, multiple failures are apparent under the Biden administration, from the failed Afghanistan withdrawal, the ongoing southern border catastrophe, to a lack of credibility with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Now, media allies of Biden took a different stance by highlighting the problems under the administration.

Critics commented about Biden’s failures and lack of priorities on social media.

Critics also pointed out President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are engaging in leisurely activities during the latest crises.

Biden took the weekend off by retreating to his beach house in Delaware.

Harris attended a college football game on Saturday between Howard University, her alma mater, and Hampton University while a significant illegal migrant border crisis in Del Rio, Texas was unfolding.

As more than 14,000 illegal migrants were gathered under the international bridge in Del Rio over the past few days, Harris ignored the crisis and instead had the honor of conducting the coin toss in the middle of Audi Field in Washington, DC.

As Biden and his administration are failing on multiple issues, the liberal media are finally compelled to report on his failures.