Two Recent Afghan Immigrants Indicted on Child Sex and Spousal Assault Charges in Wisconsin

Two recent immigrants from Afghanistan were indicted on unrelated incidents in Wisconsin by a Federal Grand Jury.

The men were being housed at Fort McCory Army base after leaving Afghanistan.

Bahrullah Noori was indicted on multiple sexual assault charges with minors under 16 years old and Mohammad Haroon Imaad was charged with assaulting his wife.

The New York Post reports:

The indictment specifically alleges that Noori touched the genitalia of one of his victims on three separate occasions while at Fort McCoy, an Army installation located approximately 100 miles northwest of Madison. One of the alleged assaults occurred in a barrack, while the other two took place in a bathroom.

The news report continues:

The second indictment charges 32-year-old Mohammad Haroon Imaad with assaulting his wife on Sept. 7 by strangling and suffocating her. A complaint states that Imaad’s wife claimed to soldiers through an interpreter that her husband had also struck their children on “multiple occasions” and alleged that he “beat me many times in Afghanistan to the point I lost vision in both eyes.”

WISN 12 reported on the charges.

Apparently, not one of the Afghan immigrants hold a Special Immigration Visa (SIV).

President Trump previously expressed concern over the type of Afghans the Taliban would allow to immigrate to the U.S.

News of the charges appeared on Twitter.

Read the Department of Justice press release on the indictments here.

The Biden administration evacuated thousands of Afghan immigrants into the U.S. during the chaotic withdrawal and based on the news from Wisconsin, they did a horrible job in screening for potential criminals.