Labor Shortage and Supply Chain Problems Slam the U.S.

A labor shortage and supply chain problems are creating the perfect storm in America.

Businesses big and small are having a hard time hiring employees.

KVOA News reports:

“The companies are definitely struggling to find people in general. Some companies are paying people to show up for interviews whereas before they would have a good pool of candidates,” said Roberto Moreno, Co-Owner of

Cargo ships, rail yards, and delivery trucks are backlogged as consumers are faced with rising prices and dwindling product availability is happening across the country.

Critics slammed the Biden administration for not doing enough to address the matter.

Even some Democrats are complaining about higher prices.

Labor shortages and the supply chain jam are hitting the country hard and those least able to afford the higher costs for goods will be harmed the most.

The problems in the economy are exacerbated by poor leadership from President Biden and a Democrat run Congress that have no concept or practical experience in businesses – small or large.