13 House Republicans Rescue Biden by Pushing $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Over the Line

Thirteen House Republicans rescued President Biden’s failing presidency by voting for his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.

Republican votes were required to get the bill passed because six Democrats refused to vote for the infrastructure bill.

The infrastructure bill will be going to Biden for his signature.

CBS News reports:

The bill includes billions for elements of the Green New Deal including construction of 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations.

CNET.com reports:

The bill includes major support for electric vehicles and clean energy, specifically, there is $7.5 billion set aside to create a nationwide network of EV charging stations to expedite the adoption of electric cars this decade. Another $65 billion will fund an investment in clean energy and renewables for the nation’s electricity grid, and promises to create a more resilient system. Funds will also funnel to various clean energy technology projects.

With the infrastructure bill out of the way, it sets up Biden’s Build Back Better social program for passage.

The 13 Republicans were identified on Twitter.

A group of Senate Republicans previously voted for the bill.

The Republicans were criticized for their support of the bill.

The vote by Republicans in both the Senate and House was a horrible decision because it will lead to trillions more in federal debt and increase the size and scope of the government’s social programs with the likely passage of the Build Back Better plan.