Liberal Media Ignores Winsome Sears as First Black Female Lt Governor in Virginia

The liberal media claimed the election of Glenn Youngkin as Governor of Virginia was largely based on race.

Commentary on MSNBC and CNN accused Youngkin of using his opposition to Critical Race Theory as an appeal to white voters.

An MSNBC host said, “…a good chunk of voters are ok with white supremacy.”

Here is a highlight reel of the liberal commentary and analysis.

The liberal analysis focusing on race completely ignored the election of Winsome Sears as the first black female Lieutenant Governor in Virginia.

Following her election, Sears promoted America’s exceptionalism and took on her critics.

Watch Sears’ victory speech.

Sears appeared on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News.

Sears also called out MSNBC host Joy Reid during an interview on Fox News and requested an opportunity to appear on her show.

Sears also challenged Jemele Hill over her tweet on white supremacy.

In addition to being a race card hustler, Reid doesn’t like to be challenged – she blocked me on Twitter for challenging her race card propaganda.

Here is my response to Reid.

Faced with a crushing defeat, the liberal media attacked Youngkin on race but that entire argument of white supremacy in Virginia was completely undermined by the election of Sears.

It’s fantastic to see Sears challenge the liberal media head on.