On MSNBC Hillary Clinton Says Americans Don’t Understand Biden’s ‘extraordinary accomplishments’

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared on MSNBC to defend President Biden.

Clinton told host Rachel Maddow American’s don’t understand Biden’s “extraordinary accomplishments.”

Clinton believes the recently passed infrastructure bill and the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan are evidence of his accomplishments.

She said Americans don’t realize those accomplishments because Republicans are twisting the facts about Biden’s achievements.

“Misinformation” and “propaganda” are the ways the public is being deceived according to Clinton.

Critics pounced on Clinton for her comments. While she pointed to legislative accomplishments, critics pointed out they are not helping Americans on Main Street.

One critic thought Clinton was positioning herself to be appointed as vice president if current Vice President Kamala Harris leaves that post.

The reality is Biden is doing a horrible job as president and Tom Borelli summed it up nicely during his interview on Newsmax TV.

Tom mentioned a number of failures by Biden led by a 30 year high on inflation and high gasoline prices.

He also reminded the viewers that Clinton is “immune” to inflation and she has a pattern of looking down on Americans.

Biden is a disaster and all the spinning from Clinton will not change the facts.