Press Secretary Psaki Blames VP Harris Low Approval on Race and Gender Bias

Press Secretary Jenn Psaki blamed the low approval polls for Vice President Kamala Harris on race and gender bias.

During an interview on Women Rule The Exchange hosted by Politico, Psaki was asked if Harris was being criticized more as a result of her race and gender.

Psaki replied “yes” and added, “I do think that it has been easier, and harsher, from some in the right wing who have gone after her because she is the first woman, the first woman of color.”

Psaki did add that some of the criticism is “beyond her identity.”

Harris’ unpopularity was also reflected in the social media response to Psaki’s comments especially related to the race and gender claim.

Blaming Harris’ unpopularity on race and gender is so wrong but so typical with Democrats.

Harris is unpopular because the public views her as inauthentic and incompetent at her job.