Under Biden Inflation Soars Higher Than Expectations Before the Holidays

Under President Biden, inflation continues to rise higher than expectations and is significantly harming Americans just before the holiday season.

Inflation is at a 30 year high of 6.2 percent and incomes can’t keep up with the rising cost of basic needs from food to gasoline.

The Hill reports:

Most of October’s inflation was driven by soaring energy and food prices — a gut punch for cash-strapped families and a political nightmare for the Biden administration.

With the holiday season here, the USDA cites this Thanksgiving will be the most expensive one in history with the cost of turkeys up 22 percent from a year ago.

Earlier this year, Biden downplayed inflation concerns.

Critics commented on social media.

With skyrocketing costs in everything from transportation, food, housing, and utilities, inflation is a tax on all Americans but is especially crushing poor and middle-class families.

Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is leading to build back broke for Americans.