VP Harris Proves She Is Not Ready for the World Stage During France Visit

Vice President Kamala Harris is making it clear she is not ready for the world stage during her visit to France.

There were several eyebrow-raising moments with Harris while in France.

In Paris, Harris was accused of using a fake French accent as she spoke with French scientists.

Harris also went to great lengths to explain how scientists think.

During a press conference, Harris called for a pre-approved list of reporters.

Harris was asked about activities along the Poland-Belarus border, particularly, if the immigration crisis is being weaponized, and if there were any similarities regarding the U.S.-Mexico southern border crisis.

Although Harris said, “we are very concerned” about what is happening at the Poland-Belarus border, she dodged the question about the U.S. southern border.

Critics commented on social media.

It’s no wonder why approval ratings for Harris and President Biden are in free fall, with Harris at 28 percent and Biden at 38 percent, because Americans know they are not ready for primetime.