Biden Jokes About Low Approval Polls on The Tonight Show

President Biden joked about his low approval polls on The Tonight Show with host Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon asked Biden, “Do you pay attention to approval ratings?”

Biden responded, “Not Anymore,” and then added, “I paid attention when they’re in the mid-60s not when they’re in the mid-40s.”

Biden continued to complain about misinformation that is misleading the public but he admitted inflation is a problem.

The Biden interview was posted on YouTube.

Biden critics weighed in on Twitter.

The truth is Biden is tanking in the polls because his policies are harming Americans.

On Friday, the Department of Labor released data that reported inflation rose 6.8 percent since last November – that’s no joking matter.

Biden went on late night TV to change the trajectory of his approval ratings knowing Fallon would act as a cheerleader for him.

Fallon preformed the Biden’s supporting role by clapping like a seal and laughing along.

While Biden and Fallon joke around, Americans are suffering.