Hillary Clinton Gets Emotional as She Reads 2016 Victory Speech That Was Never Delivered

Hillary Clinton got emotional as she read part of her 2016 victory speech that was never delivered.

Clinton appeared on NBC News’ “Today” where she shared her new Master Class lesson on resilience that uses the speech she would have given if she had won against Donald Trump in 2016.

The full Master Class will be available on Thursday but Clinton discussed and shared part of it on the “Today” show.

In addition to appearing on NBC News, Clinton also promoted her class on Twitter.

Clinton got emotional as she read her speech in the Master Class recording when she talked about her deceased mother.

Clinton fans embraced her emotional release.

Meanwhile, Clinton’s critics mocked her.

Clinton is a polarizing figure so it’s not surprising she is getting a lot of attention from her Master Class promotion.

One thing is certain, Clinton loves to be in the news and she is desperately trying to stay relevant as she sits at home obsessing about her loss to Trump.