VP Harris Office in Turmoil as Staff Bolts

Vice President Kamala Harris’ office is in turmoil as a number of staff members are bolting from her vp office.

Last week, news broke that Symone Sanders, the vice president’s spokesperson, was leaving Harris and her communications director Ashley Etienne resigned last month.

In addition, two other staff members were leaving the vice president’s office as well.

The Washington Post story, “A Kamala Harris staff exodus reignites questions about her leadership style — and her future ambitions,” discusses the staff departures as well as Harris’ history of high staff turnover.

Five months later, Sanders is leaving the vice president’s office, the highest-profile member of an end-of-year exodus that includes communications chief Ashley Etienne and two other staffers who help shape the vice president’s public image.

The news story also raises the concern that the apparent problems in her office could jeopardize her possible presidential desire.

Harris addressed questions about her staff.

Adding to the controversy over staff departures are news reports President Biden favors Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg over Harris.

The staff changes for Harris was a topic in a White House press briefing.

Harris’ critics pounced on the news about Sanders’ departure.

The staff changes point to problems with Harris and her management style.

Campaign workers dream of getting senior positions at the White House and the fact that they are leaving the office of the vice president in a year signals a problem that’s been described as a toxic work environment.

Harris also has a low approval rating with one poll measuring only 28 percent approve of her.

Staff turnover and poor approval ratings indicate the problem is Harris and it’s going to be difficult to turn her public perception around.