New NBC News Poll Delivers Bad News for Biden Harris and Democrats

A new NBC News poll is delivering bad news for President Biden, Vice President Harris and Democrats.

A super majority of Americans (72 percent) believe the country is going in the wrong direction and describe the country in very negative terms such as “downhill” and “falling behind.”

The economy and inflation are top concerns of Americans with 61 percent feeling they are falling behind with living costs.

The poll also found Republicans are far more interested in the upcoming elections than Democrats.

Additionally, core Democrat voters including blacks have lost interest in the elections.

The news for Biden is not good at all with 54 percent disapproving of the job he is doing as president.

The poll gave Harris bad marks as well.

Almost half (49 percent) have negative feelings about Harris with 38 percent having very negative feelings about the vice president.

The NBC News poll documents Americans are very concerned with the direction of the country and with the performance of Biden and Harris.

The lack of enthusiasm among Democrats and the current feeling of Americans points to an election disaster for the Democrat Party.