With Polls Hammering Democrats on Crime Biden Travels to NYC and Blames Guns

Public opinion polls are hammering Democrats and President Biden on the surge in crimes in big cities.

To address public concerns, Biden traveled to New York City to meet with the new mayor to discuss crime and his focus which blames guns.

Biden spoke about gun death statistics at police headquarters in New York City and said, “It’s enough. Enough is enough.”

He claimed his plans to crack down on guns will not interfere with the Second Amendment.

Critics noted the increase in crime in New York City and questioned his plan and his refusal to address progressive prosecutors.

Biden’s critics heckled a news reporter discussing the president’s New York City visit.

The president also addressed the biggest political liability of Democrats which is defunding the police.

It’s noteworthy Biden went to New York City after two police officers’ funerals in an attempt to grab media attention.

Biden didn’t attend the funerals because that would alienate progressive Democrats so he appeared in New York City a day after the last funeral.

As always with Biden, it’s about politics not about solutions for Americans.