Biden Allows Millions of Barrels of Russian Oil Imports as Ukraine Invasion Continues

Under President Biden, the U.S. continues to import millions of barrels of oil a day from Russia as their invasion of Ukraine rages on.

Many are raising concerns over the fact that Biden has failed to block Russian oil imports to the U.S. because oil revenue is helping to fund the Russian military.

Critics of the president are also calling for Biden to implement policies that will increase the production of oil and gas in the U.S. as prices continue to skyrocket.

During a press briefing, White House Press Secretary Jenn Psaki was asked if America is helping to finance Russia’s war against Ukraine by purchasing Russian oil.

Psaki was also asked about opening the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Vice President Kamala Harris gave a muddled response when asked about sanctioning Russia’s oil and gas industry.

On MSNBC, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said “all options are on the table,” when asked about obtaining oil from Iran to address rising energy prices.

Critics commented on social media.

President Trump understood the importance of energy security. Under Trump’s watch, oil and gas prices were lower and America was energy independent.

It’s crucial for Biden to unleash our natural resources to ensure we are energy independent by allowing energy development and production in the U.S. and blocking oil imports from Russia.