With Gasoline Prices Soaring Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg Push Electric Vehicles

With gasoline prices soaring Vice President Kamala Harris and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg pushed electric vehicles during a press event.

In an effort to be positive Harris used a theme of “imagine a future,” where she envisioned a world with trucks and school buses running that didn’t produce emissions.

Buttigieg said driving an electric vehicle would translate to cost savings.

Critics pointed out electric vehicles will not help most Americans today because of the cost of the vehicles and the lack of charging stations.

In addition to those challenges, it turns out electric vehicles are not really that clean, according to a story in Politico.

What I found is that widespread adoption of electric vehicles nationwide will likely increase air pollution compared with new internal combustion vehicles. You read that right: more electric cars and trucks will mean more pollution.

Yesterday’s event pushing electric vehicles is a desperate effort to point to a fairytale future to distract Americans from soaring gasoline prices.

Democrats know the extremely high cost of gasoline is going to harm them in the polls and the midterm elections so they are trying to change the subject.

That’s not going to work.

The Democrat push for electric vehicles and energy policy, in general, is based on emotion and not reality.

Watch the full speech by Harris: