Blacks Are Turning Away from Biden

Blacks are turning away from President Biden according to a recent poll.

A Gallup poll found Biden’s approval fell from 87 percent to 67 percent over just about a year.

The Gallup poll is not an outlier.

CNN reviewed the polling data of Black voters.

Our most recent CNN/SSRS poll on the subject found Biden’s approval with Black adults was 69%. It stood at 74% with Black voters. A recent Quinnipiac University poll put Biden’s approval rating with Black adults at 64%. A Pew Research Center poll last month had him at 72% among Black voters.

All these polls showed Biden losing a disproportionate amount of support from Black adults (and voters).

News reports are also taking notice.

A story in USA Today, “Is Biden focusing enough on Black voters? Some activists see worrying signs for midterms,” raised questions about black support for Biden.

CNN reported on the drop in Black voter support for Biden.

CNN also discussed this topic on its cable network with contributor Van Jones.

Jones also noted Republicans are doing outreach to Blacks.

Biden’s approval also dropped by about 20 percent with young Americans in the Gallup poll (see chart above).

The drop in Black voter support for Biden is significant and could have a devastating impact on the mid-term elections and longer-term for Democrats.

For years, Democrats relied on the Black vote to get elected and the policies Biden has advanced are having a devastating impact on all Americans and especially Blacks.