Disney Wokeness Backfires: DeSantis Considers Removing Company Special Privileges

Disney’s wokeness is backfiring on the company which is highlighted by the possibility Republican Governor Ron DeSantis will seek to remove special privileges the company has in Florida.

A 55-year-old Florida law allows Disney to effectively act as its own governing body within its theme park and DeSantis is considering repealing the law which would put the company under the control of the local county government.

DeSantis explained his reasoning at a press briefing.

Florida State Representative Spencer Roach issued a Tweet about discussions of the removal of Disney’s special privileges.

Newsmax covered DeSantis’ interest in changing the Disney-friendly law.

Action by DeSantis was prompted by Disney’s opposition to Florida HB 1557 “Parental Rights in Education” law, which blocks discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity in classrooms of very young children.

The law was recently signed by the governor.

Disney promised to mount an effort to repeal the law in a statement issued by the company.

Disney’s opposition to the law created controversy with many expressing their opposition to the company’s position.

Disney made a huge mistake by sticking its nose into an issue that should be determined by parents.

As a result of Disney’s wokeness, the company is suffering significant reputational and brand damage.