Gasoline Prices Soar to $5 a Gallon Under Biden

The average price of gasoline soared to $5 a gallon for the first time according to CNN.

CNN used data from AAA in its report.

The story notes gasoline prices have been soaring over the last two months and the prices have gone up 15 days in a row.

It appears $5 a gallon is not the end and gasoline could reach $6 a gallon as summer driving boosts demand.

The high gasoline prices are forcing Americans to change their behavior.

A Rasmussen Reports poll found, “57% of American Adults say the rising price of gasoline has affected their vacation plans for this summer.”

ABC 13 in Houston reports:

Facing low poll numbers due to inflation and high gas prices, President Biden tried to relate to Americans dealing with gas station sticker shock by falsely claiming his family struggled with gasoline prices during his youth.

The fact is Biden contributed to the high gas prices because his energy policy is focused on reducing domestic production of oil and natural gas while pushing the use of electric vehicles.

Outrageous gas prices will play a big role in the upcoming midterm elections.