Biden Plans Prime Time ‘soul of the nation’ Speech to Blast Republicans as Extremists

NBC News is reporting President Biden is planning on delivering a prime time speech on the “soul of the nation,” in Philadelphia at Independence National Historical Park.

According to the story, Biden is going to outline his accomplishments and warn Americans about the risk to democracy.

Biden is gearing up to defend his policies as the midterm elections approach.

The focus on the so called risk to democracy will most likely include harsh criticism of the Trump supporters under the umbrella of the term MAGA which stands for Make America Great Again – the campaign theme of President Trump.

The frequent use of the terms MAGA Republicans and Ultra MAGA are a result of months of focus group testing that revealed those terms are viewed negatively by some Americans.

Fox News reports:

But according to The Washington Post, the “ultra-MAGA” messaging came from a six-month research project from the liberal group Center for American Progress Action Fund and headed by top Biden aide Anita Dunn.

In a recent speech, Biden used MAGA Republican as a term to describe extremism.

Biden recently Tweeted, “MAGA Republicans have awakened a powerful force in America—the women of this nation.”

White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre is also pushing the anti-MAGA message.

Biden recently described Republicans as adopting a “semi-fascism” philosophy.

Dr. Tom Borelli made comments on Newsmax TV about Biden using the term fascism.

Biden is upping his harsh rhetoric as a way to drive Democrats to the poll and his upcoming speech will use these ugly terms to brand his political opponents.

Biden’s promise to unite Americans is undermined by his actions.