Democrats Melt Down Over 50 Illegal Immigrants in Martha’s Vineyard

Democrats are melting down over 50 illegal immigrants that were sent to Martha’s Vineyard.

Outrage from Democrats was prompted after Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flew the illegal immigrants into the affluent community island off Massachusetts.

On MSNBC, Hillary Clinton described the event as “literally human trafficking.”

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre slammed Republican governors for sending illegal immigrants to Democrat-run cities.

Despite their support of illegal immigrants, Martha’s Vineyard had the illegals bused out of the area.

The illegal immigrants were promptly removed from the island with the help of the National Guard.

Democrats were criticized for removing the illegal immigrants from Martha’s Vineyard.

Critics also mocked the residents of Martha’s Vineyard over its hypocrisy for touting its sanctuary status described in a poster.

While the Democrats and their media allies criticize Republican governors over sending illegal immigrants to Democrat sanctuary areas, they are silent on the effort by President Biden to send illegal immigrants to cities across the country in the dead of night.

In fact, the Borelli’s followed buses on two separate occasions from New York’s Westchester County Airport to areas within the tri-state region.

Here is our Reigniting Liberty vodcast on one of the bus tracking rides.

It’s great Governor DeSantis and others are doing this because it forces the media to cover the difficulty of handling illegal immigrants which is most prevalent in red border states.

Martha’s Vineyard could not handle 50 but border state cities are dealing with tens of thousands of illegal immigrants.