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Video: NASA Finds Evidence of Life in Space

Newsmax Contributor Tom Borell Expresses Skepticism

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Data collected from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope discovered evidence of life in exoplanet K2-18 b.

The finding of carbon dioxide and methane in the exoplanet’s atmosphere suggests the possibility of life. The observation of these gases match the other exoplanet that have oceans on its surface.

The Washington Post explained K2-18 b, was found in 2015 and it’s within a star’s “habitable zone,” a range that is neither too hot nor too cold to host liquid water.”

A segment on Newsmax TV’s “Wake Up America Weekend” discussed NASA’s finding with retired NASA Astronaut Captain Winston Scott and Newsmax contributor Tom Borelli Ph.D.

Scott was excited by the finding saying, “This is quite the exciting news, thinking that the oldest question that people have, that [is there] life someplace else out in the universe.”

He went on to say the finding is not definitive of signs of life.

Borelli also said the Webb Space Telescope observation was exciting but expressed skepticism that it meant there was life on the exoplanet. He explained carbon dioxide on earth is a result of life in terms of respiration where humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide but the carbon based gas is also a result of volcanic activity.

Watch the full segment and news story on this topic here.

On another topic, both Scott and Borelli expressed deep doubt in extraterrestrial bodies that were recently shown in Mexico.

Tom Borelli

Dr. Tom Borelli is a Newsmax TV contributor and radio commentator addressing political issues from a conservative grassroots perspective. As a columnist, he has written for The Washington Times and authored articles for Newsmax Magazine, Newsmax Insider and previously was a co-host with his wife Deneen Borelli on the SiriusXM Patriot channel. Dr. Borelli appeared on numerous television programs, including the highly ranked Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” “Hannity,” “The Kelly File," and "America’s News Headquarters." He has also appeared on Fox Business Network’s “Making Money with Charles Payne” and “After the Bell” as well as TheBlaze TV’s "The Glenn Beck Program" and "Dana!" Prior to working for public policy organizations, Dr. Borelli was a managing partner with the investment advisory firm of Action Fund Management, LLC and a portfolio manager for the Free Enterprise Action Fund (FEAF) where he used shareholder activism to challenge corporations that sought to profit from the growth of government. During his 25 years with the Altria Group, Inc., he built a foundation in public policy and issues management, drawing from diverse experiences ranging from basic research to corporate affairs. Dr. Borelli served as science fellow for the U.S. House of Representatives' Committee on Science, Space, and Technology during the 100th Congress. Dr. Borelli has also published scientific papers on interferon and human leukemia.

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