Glenn Beck Shreds Oprah’s Comparison of Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin Deaths

Glenn Beck did a masterful job in dismantling Oprah Winfrey’s baseless claim that the Trayvon Martin death was equal to the killing of Emmett Till in Mississippi in 1955.

Commenting on the Trayvon Martin tragedy during an interview with the Grio, which was broadcasted on NBC’s Today program, Oprah concluded the deaths of these two black teenagers were “in my mind same thing.”

In his analysis, Beck provides the facts of the murder of Till and contrasts it to the recent death of Trayvon Martin. Beck’s detailed comparison of these cases exposed the groundless nature of Oprah’s assertion.

Tragically, the black community has been bombarded with the Martin/Till comparison. In addition to Oprah, the NAACP and activists such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson all made the same unwarranted comparison.

The only similarity in these cases is that both victims were black teenagers – that’s it.

The Trayon Martin example is a case study showing how the black community is misled by its leaders that provide an echo chamber of falsehoods and propaganda.

The black community desperately needs to see reality and breakout of its reliance on leaders who are either too lazy to seek the truth or profit from peddling such falsehoods.