Deneen Borelli Discusses Biden Pushing Failed Economic Policies on Fox News

Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli discussed recent polls and Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden pushing failed economic policies with Democratic Strategist Johanna Maska on Making Money with host Charles Payne on the Fox Business Network.

Deneen said just like the 2016 presidential election, this election is still about jobs and the economy.

President Trump’s accomplishments prior to the pandemic can’t be denied, said Deneen, from “record-low unemployment to the booming economy” and that Democrats are pushing “their socialist agenda, their big-government agenda, more taxes more regulations, open borders and the Green New Deal which is a job killer.”

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is also in the news for urging Biden not to concede on election night “under any circumstances.”

Responding to Hillary’s comment, Deneen said, “Hillary is still bitter for losing the 2016 election” and that she’s the one who hasn’t conceded.

Regarding the Biden campaign, Deneen stressed “you can’t run a campaign from your basement, you can’t ignore the riots and looting, and you can’t insult black voters.”

Watch the entire interview here.