EPA’s Coal Regulation 11 City “Listening Tour” Ignores Coal Dependent States

As if driving miners out of work and closing coal power plants is not enough, now the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is adding insult to injury by ignoring states that depend on coal in the agency’s 11 city greenhouse gas regulation listening tour.

The tour schedule reaffirms that the goal of President Obama’s war on coal is designed to please progressive elites at the expense of hard working Americans in fly over states.

The agency’s “public listening sessions” is designed “to solicit ideas and input from the public and stakeholders about the best Clean Air Act approaches to reducing carbon pollution from existing power plants.”

Shockingly, left wing cities that are economically detached from coal, such as San Francisco, are on EPA’s tour while cities in coal dependent states such as West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana are ignored.

For example, California gets 1 percent of its electricity from coal while West Virginia, Indiana and Ohio get 96, 83 and 78 percent, respectively, get their power from coal. Similarly, leading coal mining states such as Kentucky, Wyoming and West Virginia are also absent from the tour.

EPA’s climate change listening tour is another example of the Obama administration’s absolute disregard for the truth. The agency has clearly manipulated its listening tour to generate positive feedback and to silence the voices of communities that are most affected by President Obama’s war on coal.

If EPA bureaucrats had any courage, they would face those families that are going to be devastated by the agency’s climate change regulations.

For more information read Michael Bastasch’s Daily Caller story, “EPA to hold coal plant hearings nowhere near coal country.”