Watch Deneen Discuss “Selling Victimhood” on Stossel

Are we a nation of victims?

That was the focus of John Stossel’s recent program “Selling Victimization.”

As I wrote in my book “Blacklash,” messages of bias, prejudice, victimization, and the need for special treatment is heard throughout the black community from the black liberal establishment. Sadly, too many black individuals are influenced by these themes and vote for big government mistakenly thinking government is the answer to their problems.

It’s time to put an end to the blame game and time for liberty-loving Americans to push back on these lies and hold individuals accountable for inciting racial tension.

America is an exceptional country where anyone can succeed through hard work and perseverance.

Deneen appears on Stossel to discuss “Selling Victimization” with host John Stossel and Jennifer Gratz, founder and CEO of XIV Foundation.