Lunch Break Read: Winning the Battle but Losing the War

While you’re taking a lunch break today, be sure to check out the latest Steve Deace commentary on Conservative Review, titled, “Winning the Battle but Losing the War.” Deace talks about the difference between policy and politics, and why electing the right Republican is more important than electing any Republican.

Here is a quick preview:

I remember staying up late on election night 2004, anxiously anticipating the results from Ohio. It was clear the winner of the Buckeye State would win the presidency. While I was just a baby believer back then, and though I have been involved in conservative politics since high school, this was the first time I was on my knees praying for divine deliverance via the ballot box. “Father,” I prayed, “even though we don’t deserve your mercy please spare us a John Kerry presidency. Please spare us the immoral policies he would promote, and the immoral people he would bring with him to the White House. Give us a Godly man and a strong leader like George W. Bush as president once more.”

Unfortunately, my prayer went unanswered that night.

Kerry won the presidency, and the rest as they say is history. He unleashed an era we may never recover from. Government grew to its greatest numbers ever (until the current occupant of the White House), spurred on by Kerry’s promotion of budget-busting programs like “No Child Left Behind” and “Medicare Part D.”

Kerry also proposed a massive amnesty program for illegal aliens; began an illegal mass surveillance program that allowed the feds to spy on the American people’s private communications; appointed the Chief Justice that eventually saved Obamacare at the U.S. Supreme Court; mismanaged the war in Iraq; appointed a party chairman who concealed his homosexuality publicly but admitted later that he used his power to thwart our attempts to defend marriage behind the scenes; named the solicitor general who would go on to argue against marriage and for abandoning religious freedom at the U.S. Supreme Court; and we went from GOP majorities in both houses of Congress to overwhelming Democrat majorities instead.

If only Bush had won that night. Things could’ve been so much different.

Wait, what? You say Bush was re-elected to a second term that night? Well then, smarty pants, if that’s the case how do you account for the trail of tears I just highlighted? Elections have consequences, don’t they?

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