VIDEO: Watch Deneen Borelli Debate the Syrian Refugee Issue on Fox Business

deneen borelli fox news

Even in the face of the Paris attacks, Sen. Harry Reid and the rest of the Senate Democrats are willing to put political correctness ahead of national security and the will of the American people.

As I explained on Conservative Review:

Responding to the potential threats of a domestic ISIS generated attack, the House of Representatives passed a bill last week that would significantly slow down President Obama’s plan to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S.

The bill passed by a wide margin 289-137 which included 47 Democrats voting for the legislation. The legislation requires that the government verifies that each Syrian refugee does not pose a security risk. Public opinion is clearly on the side of restricting Syrian refugees. According to NBC and Bloomberg polls 56 and 53 percent, respectively, oppose Syrian refugee entry to the U.S.

Then again, Senate Democrats don’t care about what the American people want, they only care about what President Obama wants.

You can watch my interview here: