If Hillary Gets Indicted, 53% of Democrats Think She Should Run Anyway

hillary clinton

While a majority of Republicans believe a candidate should quit the race immediately if they are indicted for a felony crime, Democrats disagree. Fifty-three percent of Democrat voters believe the candidate should hang in there and let the courts decide. These polling numbers are especially relevant for the 2016 presidential election, after a former U.S. attorney predicted that Hillary Clinton could be indicted by the spring.

According to a new Rasmussen poll:

A former federal prosecutor recently made headlines with his prediction that Hillary Clinton will be indicted soon for trafficking in classified information on a private e-mail server while working as secretary of State. But should a criminal indictment put Clinton’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination on hold? Just over half of Democrats say no.

… Fifty-four percent (54%) of Republicans think a candidate charged with a felony should stop campaigning at once, while 41% disagree. Among Democrats, those findings are reversed: Only 40% say the candidate should quit campaigning, but 53% think they should keep running until a court determines their guilt or innocence.

…While women consistently have been more supportive of Clinton’s candidacy than men, female voters also believe more strongly that a candidate who is charged with a felony should immediately stop campaigning.

Rasmussen also found that only 31% of voters trust Hillary Clinton, and almost half (45%) of voters believe she used her private email account to hide exchanges from government oversight.

Like many progressives, Hillary Clinton believes that her agenda is above the law. The real question is: do Barack Obama and AG Loretta Lynch believe that Hillary Clinton is above the law as well?

Or will they have the guts to prosecute her during an election year?