This Woman Says Bill Clinton Raped Her in 1978 and Hillary Knew About It

bill clinton rape tweet

An Arkansas woman named Juanita Broaddrick took to Twitter on Wednesday to accuse then-State Attorney General Bill Clinton of raping her in 1978. She also accused Hillary of encouraging the crime to disappear after the fact.

The Hill reports:

The Hill reached a woman by phone in Van Buren, Ark., on Wednesday who identified herself as Broaddrick. She said the Twitter account is hers.

…The former nursing home administrator alleged in 1999 that Bill Clinton raped her in Little Rock, Ark., during his 1978 gubernatorial campaign.

… “I’ve been quiet for too long, and now with the possibility of [Hillary Clinton] being the Democratic nominee and possibly president, I feel the need to get involved,” she said.

This accusation was originally brought forward during Bill Clinton’s presidency, and of course denied by the Clinton camp.

According to AOL News, Hillary Clinton approached Broaddrick at one of Bill’s campaign events and “thanked her” for her silence.

Broaddrick says Hillary Clinton walked up to her weeks later at a campaign event and thanked her for what she had done for Clinton while squeezing her hand tightly. Broaddrick took that to mean Hillary Clinton knew about the alleged rape and was thanking her for keeping quiet.

Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite when it comes to sexual violence and women’s issues. She pretends to be an advocate for victim’s rights when it’s politically convenient for her, but sweeps the incidents under the rug when the accused is Bill Clinton.

The Clinton’s have always believed they are above the law. We cannot give someone with that level of hypocrisy and arrogance control of the White House.