VIDEO: Fox Business Host Owns Jonathan Gruber on Live TV

gruber interview

According to Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber, the health care law passed thanks to the “stupidity of the American voter,” and it’s failing because of the stupidity of private sector health care companies.

While Gruber’s smug level was higher than ever on the Fox Business channel, anchor Maria Bartiromo was having none of it.

TheBlaze reports:

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo ripped into Johnathan Gruber — the architect of Obamacare — for more than 10 minutes Tuesday during a very contentious interview. Gruber, who infamously called the American people “stupid,” alleged that “Obamacare has actually saved people money” and that press coverage of the ailing law has been completely dishonest.

Instead, Gruber said the rising costs of health care were due to a transition in the health care market, claiming that health care giants like United HealthCare and Blue Cross Blue Shield are pulling out of Obamacare because “this is a new and innovative insurance market for which they’re not prepared.”

… “It’s very hard to make the case that you’re making knowing what the reality is, and the reality is families cannot afford Obamacare,” Bartiromo replied. “And the reality is premiums for families across the country have skyrocketed, and even if you’re in a plan with your company like you say so many people are, companies are not hiring more workers because they are being forced to provide health care.”

…“The fact is, economic growth is 2 percent or lower. And the fact is, one of the reasons that economic growth is as low as it is is because businesses are not hiring workers and are not doing activity because of the cost of Obamacare. That’s a fact.”

…“We want to have people who are actually getting affected by the law, not someone in their ivory tower telling us what this should be, but in fact what people are seeing on the ground because they’re the ones that are being affected by the law,” Bartiromo said.

Watch the fiery exchange here: