White House Intruder Possibly Undetected Up to 15 Minutes

New details have surfaced regarding the recent breach of security at the White House.

Fox News reports the intruder may have been undetected on the White House premises last Friday for as long as fifteen minutes with President Trump on the property.

From Fox News:

The alleged fence jumper who breached the White House grounds last Friday night may have been on the property for 15 minutes before being detected by the Secret Service, Fox News has learned.

The Secret Service says Jonathan Tran, who had two cans of mace on him, came in “close proximity” to the White House and may have even “jiggled the door” to the executive mansion.

Tran was charged with entering a restricted building and carrying a dangerous weapon.

President Trump, who was on the property, has praised the Secret Service for doing a “fantastic job” and said the suspect was “troubled.”

There were several security breaches while President Obama was in the White House and it’s very troubling such breaches continue to happen.