Trump Urges Mexico To Stop Illegal Migration

President Trump urged Mexico to stop the flow of illegal migration to the U.S.

News reports about a caravan of people moving through Mexico to the U.S. prompted the president to comment on Twitter.

For five days now hundreds of Central Americans — children, women, and men, most of them from Honduras — have boldly crossed immigration checkpoints, military bases, and police in a desperate, sometimes chaotic march toward the United States. Despite their being in Mexico without authorization, no one has made any effort to stop them.

Organized by a group of volunteers called Pueblos Sin Fronteras, or People Without Borders, the caravan is intended to help migrants safely reach the United States, bypassing not only authorities who would seek to deport them, but gangs and cartels who are known to assault vulnerable migrants.

Breitbart also reported on the caravan:

Known as the Viacrucis Migrante 2018, the caravan began on March 25 in the state of Chiapas and is expected to reach Tijuana within a month where the members of the group are expected to request refugee status from the U.S. government. The caravan is organized by the immigrant rights group Pueblo Sin Fronteras who have been posting updates about the caravan’s journey through Mexico.

President Trump’s Tweet urged Mexico to act:

President Trump also mentioned the NAFTA trade agreement with Mexico and declared the DACA deal was dead in additional Tweets.

According to The New York Times, a Mexican government official claimed his country was collaborating with the U.S. on border security.

President Trump is reminding the country of the importance of border security and the failure of Congress to address illegal immigraton.