Bloomberg Debate Debut a Catastrophe Millions of Dollars Couldn’t Prevent

2020 presidential candidate former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s first appearance in the Democrat debate in Las Vegas was a catastrophe.

The debate and the miserable performance of Bloomberg as a real contender was a big news story of the week.

Bloomberg came riding into the debate on a high note with rising national poll numbers after spending over $400 million in advertising.

But on the debate stage, Bloomberg collapsed and was totally unprepared for the barrage of attacks that encompassed his wealth, his treatment of minorities while mayor of New York, and his alleged treatment of women at his workplace.

2020 presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) went after Bloomberg at the top of the debate.

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Bloomberg was blasted over his weak debate performance.

President Trump said Bloomberg’s performance was “perhaps the worst in the history of debates,” and others commented as well on social media.

Democrats and the anti-Trump media didn’t hold back on their criticism of Bloomberg.

MSNBC pundits blasted Bloomberg’s performance.

A CNN panel also criticized Bloomberg.

Considering the astronomical amount of money spent on his campaign, money couldn’t buy Bloomberg a winning debate debut.