Pelosi Calls Trump COVID-19 Stance on China ‘an interesting diversion’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claimed President Trump is attacking China over the COVID-19 outbreak as “an interesting diversion” from his administration’s handling of the virus.

Pelosi made the claim during her weekly press briefing in response to President Trump’s criticism of China saying the virus, “Could’ve been stopped in China,” and that the U.S., “shouldn’t have supply chains,” in China.

The Hill reports:

Pelosi dismissed the comments as bluster from a president fighting to shift political blame just months before November’s elections. She urged Trump, and all Washington policymakers, to forget about how the coronavirus arrived and focus instead on how to eliminate it.

Pelosi’s been a constant critic of President Trump’s response to COVID-19 on television news programs.

Other Democrats are critical of President Trump’s handling of the virus including New York Senator Chuck Schumer and California Representative Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

While Pelosi and other Democrats continuously attack President Trump’s handling of COVID-19, they are ignoring the fact that China is responsible for the pandemic that’s wreaking worldwide havoc.

Ideally, the U.S. should put Americans first and unite over the economic and military threat from China but as always it’s politics first with Democrats.