Biden Campaign Accuses Trump of ‘inciting violence’

With violence happening in cities across the nation the Biden campaign and the former vice president are blaming it on President Trump.

Kate Bedingfield, Biden Deputy Campaign Manager, blamed President Trump for the nation’s violence on Fox News Sunday.

Speaking about the president Bedingfield said, “He has encouraged his supporters to go out, to be aggressive.”

Bedingfield was upset with President Trump over the comments he made at the recent New Hampshire rally about the protesters.

The president said, “Protesters. You know what I say? Protesters, your ass. I don’t talk about my ass.”

Bedingfield also blamed the president for the pandemic.

The Biden campaign indicated the former vice president will be hitting the campaign trail soon.

President Trump made a comment about Biden’s decision to leave his home to campaign in important swing states.

Democrats know the violence occurring in cities run by Democrat mayors is a developing political problem for Biden.

The president is holding Democrats accountable for the violence and that has them very concerned.

Biden is now suddenly criticizing the violence in Portland and he is blaming President Trump.

Biden also issued a statement:

What does President Trump think will happen when he continues to insist on fanning the flames of hate and division in our society and using the politics of fear to whip up his supporters?

Recall just recently, Massachusetts Democrat Representative Ayanna Pressley called for “unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives.”

Biden and his team recognize they have a big problem with the violence in Democrat-run cities and now they are trying to shift direction and blame President Trump.

It’s too little too late for the Democrats – they own the left-wing mob and the outrageous city violence.