Oil Prices Hit 7-Year High Under Biden

U.S. oil prices hit a seven-year high under President Biden’s failed energy policies.

The rise is energy prices is a result of basic economics – a boost in demand from consumers matched with lower supply.

Unfortunately for U.S. consumers, added supply is not expected in the immediate future.

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and Russia, known as OPEC+, ignored requests from the White House to increase production output.

Critics commented on social media.

Under former President Trump, America was energy independent.

However, Biden’s energy policies are hostile against fossil fuels and are reversing the Trump-era energy policies.

Recall that Biden canceled production of the Keystone XL pipeline and halted new oil and gas drilling leases on federal lands through executive orders shortly after being sworn into office.

Americans are experiencing high gasoline prices at the pump and natural gas prices doubled this year, whereby, higher heating costs are expected this winter.

Of immediate concern, OPEC+ is ignoring Biden’s request for additional supply so there’s no relief in sight.

While Biden claims to want to help American families, his energies policies are causing more harm than good.