CBS News Poll Gives Biden Low Marks on Inflation and Pandemic

A new CBS News/YouGov poll gives President Biden low marks on the way he is handling inflation and the pandemic.

Regarding the pandemic, 64 percent feel the pandemic is going badly.

Inflation and the economy are additional issues troubling the public. Inflation is a huge problem for Biden with 70 percent disapproving of the way he is dealing with the rising cost of goods.

CBS News reported on its poll.

CBS News also posted a summary of the poll on Twitter.

The poll shows Americans are troubled by Biden’s priorities – they want inflation to be addressed and are not very supportive of the president’s Build Back Better plan.

The CBS News poll shows Americans are troubled by the Biden presidency.

Results indicate Biden is disconnected from the concerns of most Americans.

It’s kitchen table issues that are on the minds of Americans and not Build Back Better.

Biden’s push for federalizing elections is another issue he is disconnected from Americans on who are struggling to keep up with inflation and pay their bills.

Americans are also “frustrated” and “disappointed” with Biden.