Trump Goes On Offense

President Trump’s press conference sent the left-wing media into a frenzy but it was music to the ears for his supporters.

Trump listed the impressive accomplishments he has achieved to date and blasted the media for its horrible reporting on his administration. Trump singled out The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and CNN for pushing fake news.

Similar to the election, the media elite is clueless about the real mood of the country.

Michael Goodman’s New York Post commentary explains the importance of yesterday’s press conference.

Trump, first, last and always, matches the mood of the discontented. Like them, he is a bull looking for a china shop. That’s his ace in the hole and he played it almost to perfection.

The immediate impact of his performance is likely to calm some of the jitters among Republicans in Congress and supporters elsewhere, especially after the beating he took in the last few days.


Yet the only sure and lasting way to keep ahead of the lynch mob is by producing results. Success will be Trump’s savior.

And nothing says success like jobs, jobs, jobs. Getting the economy to reach liftoff speed is essential so it can deliver the good-paying jobs and prosperity that he promised and the nation needs.

Goodman is absolutely correct. The left-wing establishment including the media is working hard to stop Trump and the president will be a success or failure on whether he can generate economic growth and jobs.