What the Hoot(ers)? Are Public Beaches and Pools Next on NOW's Hit List?

The Daily Caller reports that NOW, the National Organization for Women, is suing Hooters restaurants in California — Orange County, San Bruno, Sacramento and San Francisco — “for being an improper dining venue for minors.”

Seeking relevance, NOW is sticking its nose in family matters. It’s the right of the parent not NOW to determine where families dine and for that matter, what their children should eat.

Since children see more revealing attire at public pools or beaches than at a Hooters restaurant, I wonder if these family settings are next on NOW’s hit list.

While NOW calls Hooters’ business model “inappropriate,” I call it free enterprise.

In a competitive dining environment, Hooters found a marketplace niche by leveraging the sex appeal of their female employees.

Hooters is a profitable enterprise providing jobs, needed tax revenue and the company supports numerous community programs.

According to their website:

“Hooters not only reaches the sports fan, but reaches out to the communities in which it operates. The Hooters Community Endowment Fund (HOO.C.E.F.) raises money for local and national charities such as the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research, Make-A-Wish Foundation, the U.S.O., Operation Homefront, Special Olympics, American Diabetes Association, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and Muscular Dystrophy Association. Since 1992, HOO.C.E.F. has raised more than $8 million for these and other worthwhile organizations. A portion of this money comes from a VIP grand opening party each location holds to benefit a local charity. These openings generate thousands annually and prepare staff for the hungry customers to come.”


“In 2006 Hooters partnered with the V Foundation for Cancer Research and established a $2 Million Breast Cancer Research Grant in the name of Kelly Jo Dowd, 1998 Hooters Calendar Cover Girl, Manager, and Cancer Fighting Symbol, who spent the last years of her life battling breast cancer. Hooters met the $2 Million mark in 2009 and continues to raise money for the cause annually.”

“Hooters partnered with Operation Homefront in 2009 to establish The Valentine Fund in honor of fallen hero SOCS Thomas J. Valentine. The fund supports the families of Special Forces service members and other military families. Hooters has donated $200,000 to the fund.”

Hooters contributes more to the economy and the community than NOW.