EPA’s Request to Delay Air Rules Denied

A federal judge has denied the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), known as the Environmental Punishment Agency on this blog, their request to delay submitting new emissions regulations for industrial boilers.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Industrial boilers are used to generate steam or heat water used in manufacturing. The EPA’s proposal to curb emissions from the facilities has drawn fire from manufacturers and other industry groups concerned that the high costs of new pollution-control technology could force them to close operations and cut jobs.

The story highlights the problems facing industrial companies in the United States.

Even on the rare occasion when the EPA wants to delay a regulation, the agency is challenged by environmental activists through litigation.

The uncertainty surrounding the extent of the regulations, its timing and the cost is a huge disincentive for companies to invest in manufacturing facilities.

If Obama really wants to create jobs he must find a way to reduce the regulatory burden on business.