The Human Costs of Obama’s War on Coal

By Tom Borelli

Simply outrageous! Former Obama Green Jobs Czar Van Jones got arrested this week for protesting “Big Coal” outside the bankruptcy hearing on Patriot Coal in St. Louis.

Jones was protesting the possible loss of pension and health benefits of 13,000 retired and current coal miners resulting from the company’s bankruptcy.

Ironically, Jones is a leader in the progressive war on coal that is responsible for the Patriot Coal bankruptcy. He is a board member of the anti-coal radical environmental activist group the Natural Resources Defense Council.

My Daily Caller commentary, The Human Costs of Obama’s War on Coal, describes the disastrous impact on the remaining coal companies if they are forced to absorb the $2.2 billion in pension and health care costs of Patriot Coal’s retirees.

The hypocrisy of the left is amazing. First, they cause the problem, then they cover their tracks by acting outraged over the consequences of their actions.