How Low Are Obama’s Approval Ratings

Given Obama’s horrible performance in every category, in truth, his low public approval should be lower.

Here is a report on the latest Fox News poll:

There’s an avalanche of bad news for the Obama administration in the latest Fox News poll on foreign policy.

American voters feel:

– Barack Obama is weak and indecisive.

– The U.S. is less respected since Obama became president.

– The U.S. should do more to stop the Islamic extremist group ISIS.

– Obama isn’t willing to do what it takes to defeat ISIS.

– ISIS will try to attack the U.S. soon.

– Embarrassed about Obama not having a strategy for dealing with ISIS.

– Obama will try to “manage” ISIS rather than “defeat” it.

The poll also finds:

– For the first time, more voters than not feel the U.S. is less safe today than before 9/11.

– Obama’s job approval is at record lows on Syria, Iraq and terrorism. (Obama’s overall job approval matches his all-time low.)

– Most would tell Obama to kill extremists beheading Americans now, rather than caution him against overreacting.

The new poll was released Wednesday, hours before President Obama’s prime-time address to the nation about ISIS.

A Gallup poll last week also found Obama’s public approval was at an all time low (watch video).